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Who we are?

7Hub is the Adventist social network of professionals
created to promote the Innovation & Entrepreneurship with mission

How we do that?

-Companies propose challenges to the community
- Innovators solve this problems
in a win-win relation

We help Adventist Institutions and Companies

To Create Cultures of Innovation, with an Innovation as a Service Model (IaaS)

Educational Services

We help schools to teach Entrepreneurial mindset & Skills

ask us for curriculums from K-12 and tools

Startup as a Service

Every company needs to innovate
to not suffer a Kodakization or Blockbusterization

What you can do

This are the functionalities of 7Hub
Connect with Startups, Innovators and professionals that fit with your needs
Sell your products & Services, publish with ads and classifieds
Publish Offers or apply for Jobs
Get funds to start your project with the help of the adventist community
Solve real problems to create your Startup
Share knowledge, learn from others
Take courses, sell courses
Business directory of Adventist companies

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or have a 30 minutes meeting with our CEO